GAME TIME! AP Style Quiz: Snow-Pocalypse Edition

(It’s like this, but colder and without the weird maze thing.)

In Wisconsin, we rarely get riled up over snow storms, but the one that hit overnight was something that had people freaking out for days. Our area is slated for about 18 inches and then a polar vortex is supposed to drop temps into the negative double digits.

So, with me being trapped in the house, I figured it would be a good excuse to punch down a snow-pocalypse edition of an AP quiz for those of you who are in areas where 50 degrees has the meteorologists telling you to dress in layers. I hope you enjoy pondering our misery, as you ponder these 10 questions.

You don’t have to create an account to play, but if you want to, it will rank you.

Post a screenshot of your score here and brag to your friends. Challenge a professor so you can have bragging rights all year.

Click this link to begin the quiz.

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