A few major criticisms about textbooks are:

  1. They are old before they even hit the shelves.
  2. They follow the “sage of the stage” model, in which some arrogant weasel writes “the gospel” on the topic and students are expected to memorize it.

(OK, and 3 is that they’re really ridiculously expensive and you can’t sell them back for even half of what you paid for them. Let’s skip that one for now…)

The purpose of this blog is to augment the “Dynamics of Writing” texts I’ve built over the past several years. Here is where I will post fresh examples of the good, the bad and the ugly stuff discussed in the books. I’ll also offer additional interaction opportunities with the pros, guest-blogging opportunities from educators and some general mirth that I hope won’t offend anyone. In addition, I’m hoping you’ll offer stuff you find (including typos you noticed in the books) and stop by to tell me what you think about what you read. The only way the books will continue to grow and improve is if I know what works and what doesn’t, so pipe up. You’re not going to offend me.

The blog will be a terminal work-in-progress, so let me know what works and what doesn’t. This is an audience-centric site, so keep me posted as you have questions, comments or concerns.

Feel free to hit me up on twitter at my “DoctorOfPaper” account (It’s a long story) or via the contact form on the site.


Vince (the Doctor of Paper)