Last Chance to buy a “Filak Furlough Tour” T-Shirt

Of all the things I’ve done with this blog, I have to admit, the most amazingly fun thing has been this Furlough Tour. I’ve got to meet all sorts of educators, talk to a ton of students I never otherwise would have met and burned a boatload of baseball bats.

When I pitched this idea, I jokingly said that if we sold out 11 days, I’d have tour T-shirts. Well, we ended up with almost three times that many stops (and good seats are still available if you want me to just randomly show up on one of my own days to do something fun for your class or newsroom).

The T-shirts were simply a promise kept, which is what I always try to do. When two really cool design folk got involved, they became my pride and joy. I don’t make money off these, but I’ve got to tell you, they make me smile every time I see them.

The order form closes tonight, so this is your last chance to buy a Filak Furlough Tour T-shirt.

Thanks for playing along with my lunacy. More tour posts will be coming up this week.

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