Journalist Daniel Pearl’s family is displeased with how the administration at Daniel Pearl Magnet High School is treating its student journalism adviser

It’s not always possible to know if you’re on the right side of history, but when the family of your school’s namesake comes out against you, it’s probably worth reconsidering your approach to a given situation.

The administration of Daniel Pearl Magnet High School suspended student media adviser Adriana Chavira for three days because she didn’t censor a student publication, and thus break the law. Tamara Pearl, vice president of the Daniel Pearl Foundation, was one of 22 individuals and organizations that signed a letter that condemned the actions of the administration. She also noted in an email to me the family and the foundation were aware of this situation, and she was happy I was poking around.

In addition, Judea Pearl, the patriarch of the Pearl family, issued a joint release with the Los Angeles Press Club, further noting the family’s concerns:

“I admire Adriana and all she’s done to inspire her students,” said Judea Pearl, father of Daniel Pearl and President of the Daniel Pearl Foundation. “She’s a wonderful teacher and journalism advisor, as demonstrated by the award-winning reporting done under her mentorship. She has been instrumental in these achievements. I don’t want her to face any disciplinary action for allowing her students to tell the truth. I only want what’s best for the students and the school, which is why I hope they will reconsider this decision.”

At a certain point, I would imagine the school district has to come to the conclusion that they’re playing chicken with a group of people who are not going to swerve. The law, public sentiment and common sense are on Chavira’s side while the school district is relying on bad advice and an 82-page document that has taken a “shotgun approach” to this situation, to quote SPLC.

Please keep reaching out to Chavira via Twitter to offer your support, and to the school principal Armen Petrossian to persuade him to start acting right in this situation.


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