Gone Fishin’: Finals Week Edition

As we enter finals week out here in the frozen northland, I’ll be putting the blog into hibernation for a bit. I should be back up and around on a regular schedule starting in late January, but if anything comes up that needs attention, I’ll make sure to punch it down for the good of the cause.

If anyone is looking for anything specific that you all need for a class lesson or whatever else, just hit me up and I’ll be glad to build it for you. Also, I really enjoyed my time doing Zoom sessions with a couple classes this year, so I’m planning to open up my schedule for more of these!

If you’re looking for another educator to swing by and tell the students something you’ve told them 73 times before but they still don’t believe you, please let me know. I’ve found that wisdom in the minds of our students only exists in people who are not actually teaching the course day in and day out.

Have a safe and wonderful end of the term.

Vince (a.k.a. The Doctor of Paper)

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