Gone Fishin’: Spring Break “Happy Place” edition


(We all have our own “happy place” that we can go to when we really need a break.)

During spring break last year, I was doing what most of us were doing: hastily building online components of classes we were going to teach on the fly once we got back and hunkered down at the beginning of the coronapocalypse. I also found that folks needed help, so I built the Corona Hotline page for journalism teachers, where I warehoused a bunch of exercises, links and ideas that people could grab to patch together their courses.

This year? I’m not sure how much of a break I’ll be getting, but I’m going to try to go to a “happy place” here and there. For me, it’ll be the chance to refinish some furniture, rebuild a pinball machine and work on my truck (if we can ever establish supply lines once again and get parts from wherever Ford hid them to where I live).

Thus, I’ll be quiet for a week, or at least that’s the plan. Usually when I try to go dark on the blog, someone says something horribly inexcusable, a superintendent figures it’s a keen time to murder a student media outlet or folks need something desperately.

If so, I’ll be there.

Until next week, take care.


(a.k.a. The Doctor of Paper)

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