Starting 2021 asking for a favor of Dynamics of Writing readers: Help me help you.

As most of you are either just starting the spring/winter semester, or about to do so shortly, it’s time to get the blog up and rolling again.

Each semester, I start with the same concerns: “How in the hell am I going to be able to blog about something decent four or five times per week?” Each semester, the universe sees fit to throw me enough bad writing, administrative overreach on student media and general stupidity to keep the site stocked with new stuff.

That said, this site is supposed to be about what the audience wants most of all. As I say to my students frequently, “You’re not writing for yourself. You’re writing for your readers.” Given the array of people who show up here every day, however, this can often feel like dating a hydra with multiple-personality disorder.

With that in mind, I’m asking a simple question: Help me help you. Over the past 569 posts, what are the things you thought, “Man, I’m glad I read that!” or “Wow! That was really helpful.” Conversely, what were the things that made you say to yourself, “Well, that’s 18 minutes of my life I’m never getting back…”

I have stuff in the hopper for various occasions, and I’m sure the  media world at large will continue to feed me wonderful moments of horrid writing to critique. Other than that, I’m all ears. You can contact me here, or just post in the comments below.

Thanks for reading and we’ll kick off the term in earnest tomorrow.


(A.K.A. The Doctor of Paper)

One thought on “Starting 2021 asking for a favor of Dynamics of Writing readers: Help me help you.

  1. Hey Vince… remember not all of your readers are journalism students.

    Going back to the early days of building Web sites when I would work with clients and we would define target audience, at the end I would always throw in “anyone else” as you never know who will read.

    There are many of your posts that I have read that go way beyond an audience of journalism students, sharing your wisdom and war wounds from your career.

    Something for you to consider as you write those 4 to 5 posts a week that I have no idea how you find the time to write so well so often!


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