Enjoy the awesome: A look at the Associated Collegiate Press Pacemaker Finalists

One of the best and worst moments associated with running student media for me used to happen right about now, when the Associated Collegiate Press announced the Pacemaker finalists for the year. The email would spring up in my in box letting me know the finalists were now public and I’d click on the link like a kid seeing if I got accepted to my first-choice college.

I’d scroll through the list, desperately seeking the name of our publication. If I found it, life was great for about six seconds. At that point, I’d realized now I would have an additional month and a half to worry if we actually won or not. (Of all the things I hate about college media, awards were at the top of the list for at least a dozen reasons.)

If I didn’t find it, I’d do a quick search-bar check with our name to see if I somehow missed it. When it turned out that I hadn’t, I took a deep breath and headed over to the editor’s office for “the talk” about what had happened. No matter how I spun it, the editor always looked like I shot her dog. This clearly illustrated I was never going to make it in PR.

It’s a great thing to celebrate the winners and you can learn a TON from reading through the samples of the publications that made the finalists cut. They are, in many ways, a cut above where a lot of publications are. You should absolutely read through their work to find ideas on everything from big stories to recurring features. The design they employ is inspirational and their graphics and photos can be incredible.

The stuff here is incredible in many ways, so please take a chance to look through these entries, see if your school made the cut and congratulate anyone you know (or admire). This is their time to shine and they deserve attention for their quality work.

Here is the list of newspaper finalists.

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