Drexel’s student newspaper prints again, thanks to generous donors

It’s nice to have something happy happen for student media. A few weeks back, I posted a story about the way in which some student media outlets have closed or had funding issues, including the Drexel Triangle. The paper disappeared from the stands for a week, with funding being the primary reason.

Turns out, the paper is pressing again, thanks to a fundraising campaign and university support:

The university’s office of institutional advancement — its fund-raising arm — rushed to the rescue and purchased advertising so that the paper could publish Feb. 8. And the same office took over the newspaper’s fund-raising drive.

By late last week, nearly $15,500 of the Triangle’s $16,000 goal had been raised. More than 330 alumni, students, and staff contributed $1 to $1,000, said Lizz Miller, director of the Drexel Fund.

I know a few folks who read the blog clicked on the donation link we posted for the Triangle, so thank you for chipping in. Others have ponied up for the other student media that were listed there, and for that I’m grateful as well.

Student media matters and it’s great when people realize that and help out.


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