Giving thanks for Thanksgiving break

The blog is taking the week off for Thanksgiving, but for those of you who are still hanging around at school and you’re looking for something to do, consider this AP Style exercise in the vein of Thanksgiving fun.

If you’re feeling exhausted and just want a moment of inspiration, consider this story:

When it comes to Thanksgiving, this will always be my memory, sitting on the couch with my dad, watching this game. When it got to the last six seconds, Dad got up and told me, “Well that’s the end of that.” I told him, in my 10-year-old perspective of innocence, “But they have six seconds left!”

Dad sat me down in front of the TV and told me, “Watch it then. You’ll learn a little something about how life works.”

I did.


(To this day, Dad swears he was watching it right with me. I stopped arguing about five years ago.)

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