A moment of laughter during a rough week.

The last several days have been just DAMNED depressing and with the hope that I’ll hear from student journalists who have done some amazing work on recent tragic events, I imagine the blog won’t be getting much peppier over the next few days.

With that in mind, I decided to take a break from “Dr. Vinnie’s Circus of Human Misery and Catastrophe” to provide a little comic relief.



I love my Browns, but damn:


This showed up in my memories feed from about three years ago… And we really aren’t much better at most things, so I imagine we could pull this off again. Also, it was only THREE PANELS OF FABRIC! How hard is it to get the “DAW” before “G POUND” anyway?


76 Whatevers Led The Big Parade…


I know that not every caption is a Pulitzer-Prize winner, but come on. Even a non-musical person like me knows this is a xylophone.


Dan Quayle to Register Three Please:


The former vice president of the United States once famously misspelled “potato” during a spelling bee appearance at a grade school. Apparently, he’s now working at the Piggly Wiggly in Omro.


And finally…

“Police found the man with a cheeseburger protruding from the wound…”



Consider that worthy of deeper study and have a great day!

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