What someone else thinks of me: A review of “Dynamics of News Reporting and Writing.”

(Editor’s Note: I do my best to follow the 70-20-10 rule for social media, in which only 10 percent is about some form of self-promotion. Today is one of those 10 percent days, so feel free to skip it if you feel I’ve already used up your willingness to tolerate me in promotion mode. -VFF)

I’d be willing to bet most of you have seen the “How people see me” memes out there, in which they lay out how you and others see yourself. People have created them for doctors, lawyers, students and more. Obviously, I’m partial to the professors one:



The reason I bring this up is that I got the first review on the News Reporting and Writing book, the first time someone else did a “this is how I see what you did.”

I’m biased a bit because I know the student and was more proud of how she worked on the piece for her outside job and did a good job of writing this up. It’s often awkward for students to talk to professors about anything, but she was a good interviewer and I think she wrote better than I wrote at that stage in life. Or even up to last week Thursday.

In any case, give this a read and see if it helps you figure out what I was trying to do, what I actually did and if I should be doing something else to make this a worthwhile endeavor. Comments are always welcome.

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