Spell words right or the “Terriorists” win

When it comes to mistakes, people often say, “Well, it’s not set in stone.”

Unless, of course, it is.

COLUMBIA CITY, Ind. (AP) – The designer of a Vietnam War memorial in northern Indiana says a misspelling on a bench seems to be getting too much attention.

The memorial was put in place Tuesday outside the Whitley County courthouse in Columbia City. The word “terrorism” was misspelled on a nearby bench.

The artist argues that it’s such a little thing and that people shouldn’t be paying this much attention to it.

“This is the important part: the guys that gave their lives,” Murphy said. “A mistake on a bench is a pretty small thing to worry about where there are so many other things you should concentrate on.”

And we owe them not only a debt of gratitude, but also the time and effort needed to spell their memorial properly.

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