Audience-Centricity 101

One basic rule listed in all my texts is that writing isn’t about the writer. Instead, it has to be about the reader. The goal for the remainder of the items posted on this blog will be to meet the expectations of the readers, especially those who come here looking for augmentation and clarification of the Dynamics of News Reporting and Writing or the Dynamics of Media Writing.

If social media has taught me anything, it’s that things can go south in a big hurry. Just check the #AskJPM twitter debacle or the “photoshop help” trolling efforts out there for some painfully hilarious examples. That said, I’m going to assume that most readers are forced to be here, so let’s at least make it worthwhile for everyone involved.

Feel free to tell me what you want more or less of as you learn from the text and the blog. If something sucks, tell me so, but tell me WHY or HOW it sucks so I can fix it. As the blog continues to develop, I imagine certain ideas I have will fade away and things I never thought of will become core elements.

The degree to which this succeeds or fails comes down to what you want.

That’s Audience-centricity 101.

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